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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spring Garden Time

Hi everybody. It's springtime in Australia and the garden is looking just lovely with all the roses and other things coming into bloom.

Buster and I pose at the picnic table.

Here Buster and I have a meeting at the big arbor seat Frank made for us.

These are the Pierre de Ronsard climbing roses, now in their full spring vigor.

That's Daphne enjoying the shade under the three birches.


Monday, March 13, 2006

The Latest Finished Objects

Hi, everyone. Here are the latest finished objects, plus one work in progress. The weather has been lovely here in southeastern Australia, nice, warm days as our summer ends and autumn season begins. Also take a look at our cat and garden posts, as well as our summery photos.

Here is the Jo Sharp Box Stitch Jacket from her latest book Eclectic, knitted with Jo Sharp DK Wool in Viola. I just need to add the buttons.Virginia Waldron

Here is the pockets detail. Virginia Waldron

Here we have a fitted cardigan called Pandora Virginia Waldronfrom the Jo Sharp book Knitting Bohemia, knitted with Jo Sharp Thick and Thin wool I found on eBay a while ago. Just need to add the buttons.

Here is the collar detail.Virginia Waldron

A work in progress is this Jo Sharp Moss Rib Sweater, from her book Contemporary Knitting, 34 Knitting Patterns. It is being done in Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony French Blue. It is 69% cotton, 30% wool and .4% lycra, excellent as an in-between seasons sweater for cooler days this time of year. Those are my new moccassin boots to go with it!

And, my next project after I finish the Moss Rib will be the Mohair Cardigan from the same Jo Sharp book. I bought the mohair locally, it is JJ's 12 ply Mohair hand painted by Jan Gilray, from JJ's Specialty Yarns in Napier, New Zealand.

And here are some more recently finished objects.

From Jo Sharp's The Holiday Island - Summer Hand Knitting Collection. This top is called "Shell", a fitted rib top with cable panel at center front.

It is knitted with Jo Sharp Solo Summer DK Cotton.

The yarn color is Calico.

Hibiscus are in bloom now.

Daphne checks me out in front of the Adirondack chair Frank made for us.

Here we see a hanging basket of lobelias and the mandevilla vine in full bloom.

On a bridge over the local lake.

And here is another finished object from the same pattern book, this one is called "Zoe".

It is knitted with Jo Sharp Solo Summer Cotton DK Cotton yarn.

Here I knit away at the local park while a duck watches.

The color of this top is called Cloudless. It can also be done in Calico like the previous top.

And here's another finished object...

The fragrant belladonna is actually deadly nightshade.Virginia Waldron

Luther checks out the new top.

Hugo enjoys a good petting.

Here is one of the felted cat beds I made last year.

Fleur models this finished object for us.

These are the socks I've recently done.

Virginia Waldron


Fur's Blog

Greetings. My name is Fur. Welcome to my very own blog. It's all about me, of course. They say I have bedroom eyes.

Not being one to argue about my good looks, add to that that I'm a nice guy.

Sweet, cuddly, laid-back, lovable, and more.

I like to drop in over at the Waldron's clowder and hang out. There are reasons for this.

They're nice folks. But mainly they grow my favorite drug, or plant rather. It's called Teucrium Marum, better known as Cat Thyme. It is highly attractive and addictive, if you are a cat that is. Much better than good ol' Catnip, which they have a decent stash of also.

There's another reason I come over. I've gotten engaged to one of the Waldrons, a sweet older lady named Fleur. Isn't she lovely?

I figure if I marry into the clowder, the tall guy I like, Frank, will probably keep me rolling in Teucrium indefinitely. Not a bad idea.Virginia Waldron


Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Garden - 2006

Welcome to our garden, our little paradise we have created around our home!

Here are some mixed dahlias with allyssums below. I want to plant a lot more dahlias for next summer.Virginia Waldron

Check out these beauties, dahlias also. Virginia Waldron

Cosmos flower freely all over the garden in the summer.Virginia Waldron

How about some purple hibiscus?Virginia Waldron

Here are some hot chili peppers in a pot.Virginia Waldron

Wow, look at the grape crop ripening on the overhead trellis Frank made for us. When the vines fill in completely we'll have a beautiful shaded "room" with grapes hanging down all over.Virginia Waldron

Here in Australia, summer occurs during the months of December, January and February. Our grapes ripen in March and April, which is the same as September and October in the Northern Hemisphere. Virginia Waldron

This is our persimmon tree, bearing persimmons for the very first time. These will be ripe by late autumn, May here.Virginia Waldron

These are some sunflowers that popped up this year.Virginia Waldron

Just click on any of our photos for a better, closer look! Virginia Waldron

Tomatoes, anyone?

How about some zucchini and other summer squashes?

Passion fruit is one of my favorite things.

This is our ferny back porch.Virginia Waldron

Here are begonias and coleus in pots, shaded with the ferns and all. Virginia Waldron

Toby Tom Kitten poses with one of our lemon trees. In the background is a brick pathway made by Frank.

Here are some beautiful white dahlias growing by the front fence with lavender underneath.

These are "Golden Bunny" roses on the archway trellis. That's a group of three birches in the background.

Virginia Waldron