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Monday, March 13, 2006

Fur's Blog

Greetings. My name is Fur. Welcome to my very own blog. It's all about me, of course. They say I have bedroom eyes.

Not being one to argue about my good looks, add to that that I'm a nice guy.

Sweet, cuddly, laid-back, lovable, and more.

I like to drop in over at the Waldron's clowder and hang out. There are reasons for this.

They're nice folks. But mainly they grow my favorite drug, or plant rather. It's called Teucrium Marum, better known as Cat Thyme. It is highly attractive and addictive, if you are a cat that is. Much better than good ol' Catnip, which they have a decent stash of also.

There's another reason I come over. I've gotten engaged to one of the Waldrons, a sweet older lady named Fleur. Isn't she lovely?

I figure if I marry into the clowder, the tall guy I like, Frank, will probably keep me rolling in Teucrium indefinitely. Not a bad idea.Virginia Waldron



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