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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Garden - 2006

Welcome to our garden, our little paradise we have created around our home!

Here are some mixed dahlias with allyssums below. I want to plant a lot more dahlias for next summer.Virginia Waldron

Check out these beauties, dahlias also. Virginia Waldron

Cosmos flower freely all over the garden in the summer.Virginia Waldron

How about some purple hibiscus?Virginia Waldron

Here are some hot chili peppers in a pot.Virginia Waldron

Wow, look at the grape crop ripening on the overhead trellis Frank made for us. When the vines fill in completely we'll have a beautiful shaded "room" with grapes hanging down all over.Virginia Waldron

Here in Australia, summer occurs during the months of December, January and February. Our grapes ripen in March and April, which is the same as September and October in the Northern Hemisphere. Virginia Waldron

This is our persimmon tree, bearing persimmons for the very first time. These will be ripe by late autumn, May here.Virginia Waldron

These are some sunflowers that popped up this year.Virginia Waldron

Just click on any of our photos for a better, closer look! Virginia Waldron

Tomatoes, anyone?

How about some zucchini and other summer squashes?

Passion fruit is one of my favorite things.

This is our ferny back porch.Virginia Waldron

Here are begonias and coleus in pots, shaded with the ferns and all. Virginia Waldron

Toby Tom Kitten poses with one of our lemon trees. In the background is a brick pathway made by Frank.

Here are some beautiful white dahlias growing by the front fence with lavender underneath.

These are "Golden Bunny" roses on the archway trellis. That's a group of three birches in the background.

Virginia Waldron


  • Wow! So much to see on your blog! You have been so busy knitting! :o) Everything looks so lovely. And your garden is beautiful. I enjoyed seeing pics of your kitties and you with your hubby too. Thanks for sharing!

    By Blogger Theresa, at 1:10 AM  

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